Resources to the Rescue!

If you have ever found yourself searching for a policy or in-service? Don’t spend another minute searching… keep the latest resources at your fingertips.

Here are 5 resources you should have up to date:

Guideline and Procedure Manual

Guidelines and Procedures should be your resource to the basic ‘Who, What, When, Where, Why, How’ for all things foodservice operations. At a minimum, CMS requires that communities have a policy for Food from Outside Sources as well as policies for meal times, gardens, and infection control; just to name a few.

Diet Manual

A diet manual resource contains best practices for therapeutic nutrition interventions. Even if your community has a philosophy for liberalizing diet orders to allow for resident choice, it’s important to have a resource available for unique nutritional needs. The new 2022 DiningRD Diet Manual includes updated resources for IDDSI!

In-Services for Staff Training

Are you doing at least one staff training per month? In a rut for topics or content? Look no further – 12 staff in-services are ready for your monthly training needs.

Diet Crosswalk

On a busy street, a crosswalk is important because it gives clear direction for both pedestrians and drivers. Similarly, a diet crosswalk is an essential communication tool for interdisciplinary care teams. The diet crosswalk should clarify diet orders from the prescriber (ie. Physician, NP, Dietitian, SLP, etc.) and channel the written order into a format that the foodservice department can interpret for meal service.

Emergency Menu

Do you know when the best time to do emergency planning is? Today! DiningRD provides all menu customers with a complimentary emergency menu resource. Don’t forget to check your emergency food and water supplies regularly.

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