Food Handler Program

Food Handler Educational Program

The DiningRD Food Handler educational program and assessment delivers food safety training to employees in the areas of Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-Contamination, Allergies, Time-Temperature Control and, Cleaning and Sanitation.

The Food Handler educational program has no official prerequisite and may be completed by individuals seeking knowledge of basic safe food handling procedures. The Food Handler assessment is designed to assess the knowledge that has been delivered though the DiningRD Food Handler educational program content.

Individuals who have achieved the certificate of completion for the Food Handler program have a knowledge of food handling best practices to prevent unintended outcomes such as foodborne illness.

Of note, some states, counties, or municipalities have specific requirements for food handler training and assessment. In these instances, please use the appropriate and specific version of the food handler program to meet regulatory standards.

ANAB accredited.

For multi-person, community or corporate group pricing, please contact DiningRD.

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