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Edna Cox Rice, Carolina Nutrition Consultants

In 1989, Edna began consulting with several skilled nursing facilities.  Within a few years, the demand for her consulting services had grown and she needed to share the work with other staff.  Carolina Nutrition Consultants was founded in Columbia, South Carolina and has grown to provide services to a variety of health care organizations in 35+ states with a team of 50+ nutrition and culinary professionals.  Edna’s vision was to develop a company and team with expertise in long term care as well as personal nutrition counseling and corporate wellness. Edna has served on numerous state and national boards for the dietetics profession and long term care industry.  She is a sought-after speaker at professional state and national conferences.  Edna’s approach is to translate her passion and enthusiasm for nutrition and wellness into solutions tailored to meet the needs of health care organizations and individuals of all ages.

Carolina Nutrition Consultants was acquired by DiningRD in December 2021. Edna now serves as a Strategic Advisor for DiningRD.

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