Six Truths for Success You Cannot Ignore

Are your residents getting the quality service and care they deserve? Unsure? Come see how Kind Dining® Training can turn dining room servers into your company’s biggest asset.

Are you making the most of your mealtimes and food and nutrition department? Mealtimes are the highlight of your residents’ day. They market your community, yet, most senior living operators rely on their lowest paid, least trained staff to market and maintain this important relationship.

Dining is just the start! Kind Dining® is a proven turnkey curriculum designed uniquely to assist retirement, assisted living communities and nursing homes, who don’t have time or resources to create their own training to help transform their community culture.

The foundation of Kind Dining® is rooted in teaching service quality standards and relational principles around authentic hospitality and treating others with acceptance, respect and dignity. Throughout the series servers and ancillary staff are taught to respect residents and their home environment as they perform their work. At the same time, they learn foundational serving skills and benefit from the improved atmosphere of teamwork and communication, a direct route to improved outcomes for the organization.

Kind Dining is now a service of DiningRD. Want to learn more? Contact us today!