Celebrating Women’s History

March is the culmination of both National Nutrition Month as well as Women’s History Month. At DiningRD, we have cause to celebrate both!

The culture and story behind DiningRD are directly related to the female founders who have made countless contributions.

We honor the female founders who make up DiningRD today. Edna Cox Rice of Carolina Nutrition Consultants, Anna de Jesus of Nutrition Alliance, Elaine Farley Zoucha of EZ Nutrition, Cynthia Wolfram of Dietitians for Healthcare, Candace Johnson of CS Johnson and Associates, and Cindy Heilman of Kind Dining.

Leading DiningRD is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Health Technologies (dba DiningRD), Carol Sapp.

Read more about the DiningRD story. In 2024, DiningRD is celebrating 30 years of service but combined, our female founders represent over 165+ years of business!

DiningRD is proud to recognize it’s female executive leadership team members including Health Technologies (dba DiningRD) co-founder Kim Fremont, Lindsay Shazly, Heidi Elich, Amy Bollam, Elaine Farley Zoucha, and Joni Kudika.